Find calm and focus with self- guided meditation.       

Delve into life with a fresh perspective.  Laugh, engage, and enjoy a small group of close friends       


Create the warm feeling of belonging.  Feel secure, centered, and renewed . . . 

over and over again.     



We do have some excitement going on at the farm!  The guest house, Belle Grace, is now being offered on

a seasonal basis.   However, if you have been our guest in the past and want a stay outside of our advertised season for yourself alone or for a group, just give us a call.  And, if you have stayed at our guest house, you can attend any special event for free.  Plus, you have the option to visit the farm, lounge around, and shop at our new, tiny retail store every second weekend of the month.  Just give us 24-hour notice.

There are perks to being a guest at our farm!

For more information about the retail shop, click HERE.

So grab your yoga pad (or borrow ours) and settle in for a long weekend stay!